(M)ike (m_ike) wrote,

Как отмазаться от гражданского долга присяжного судьи

Если вы гражданин США, почитайте эту ссылку - может, пригодится. Если не гражданин, тоже почитайте - она забавная: http://madtbone.tripod.com/jury_duty.htm . Особо лаконичные и гениальные моменты:

4. My sister was excused by a judge from jury duty because she told them that she thought the police in that town were corrupt.

5. My dad told me of someone he knew who got out of jury duty by standing up, looking over the defendant, and saying confidently, "He looks guilty."

25. My friend got out of jury duty for claiming he was racist - they never bothered him again.

58. I am a former cop. Hang 'em!!! Need I say more? Works every time.

100. I wasn't even trying at this point to get out of jury duty, but it worked like a charm! When they wanted to have me sworn in on the bible, I simply stated "I am sorry, but I believe that book to be a work of fiction, and it would meaningless for someone such as me to swear on it. Would you have something more suitable for me?". That was enough for the defense attorney to excuse me. It seems the defendant had found Jesus when he was in jail, and planned to play that card during trial.
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